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Food Safety

Food Safety Program

Our mission is to focus on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, employee development and making right the first time.

At Jelina Chocolatier we are committed to developing, producing and distributing only the highest quality products that meet or exceed all local, national and international food safety standards. Quality is paramount in everything we do and is a cornerstone discussion at our management table.

The executive management and staff of Jelina Chocolatier are committed to developing, producing and distributing products of consistent quality that meet or exceed local, national or international food safety standards. and legal requirements. Quality and food safety issues are paramount in our daily activities. Deviation is discussed at our bi-weekly management meetings where action plans and time frames are established and communicated. 

We are pleased to participate in external accredited food safety inspection programs as we know they can only improve our food safety program. This can only be accomplished by the inherent commitment to quality and food safety that is for Jelina Chocolatier a way of life.

COVID-19 Response

Jelina Chocolatier takes the safety and well-being of its clients very seriously via our food safety plan, already in place for several years, to manage situations such as the COVID-19 crisis. Rest assured that Jelina Chocolatier is taking every necessary precaution to get through this crisis. 

By the current CFIA regulations and the SQF standards, our daily company activities already have very-high hygiene and sanitation standards, as we contribute to the food supply and the health of our customers on an everyday basis. At this time, in addition to setting up a special committee that is closely monitoring the situation and keeping in touch with Public Health, Jelina Chocolatier has taken additional preventive measures to ensure our and your safety.

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